Smaller Me

Our Pastor, Chief Visionary &

Professional Coach

Nuestro Pastor                                                  

The Rev. Justo González, II, M.S.S.A., M.A.P.M., M.Div.,

Life Coach 


Energetic and dynamic, the Reverend Justo González, II, brings a love of God and the compassion of Christ to his pastoral ministry, coaching, consulting and community outreach. He has embraced new and creative ways of engaging others in ministry. He has never been afraid to color outside of the lines. Over the course of his 26 years of ordained ministry, he has served as a consultant, motivational speaker, retreat leader, preacher and facilitator within the private and public sector, including churches and church related entities. He has presented to youth, young adults, adults and senior adults. His message penetrates the hearts of those who listen and encourages them to become all that God intends and they desire for their lives. He passionately believes that everyone is welcome at the Table of God. Extravagant Welcome correlates with his core values of familia, grace, love, justice, peace, dignity, humility and compassion. He champions individuals as they discover all that God has in store for their lives. He listens well, journeys alongside others, asks insightful questions and is committed to helping others discover their best true selves. 

He is a passionate activist on issues of justice and peace, educational justice, restorative justice, immigrant rights, equality, LGBTQI, women’s and worker rights (The Fight for $15.00). González, II, earned his undergraduate degree at Medaille College in Media Communications (1983). Additionally, he has earned Master’s degrees in Social Administration (Counseling) from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH (1993), Divinity from the Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO (1996) and a third in Pastoral Ministry from Christ the King Seminary, East Aurora, NY (2001). He has also earned Doctor of Ministry credit hours from Barry University, Miami, FL. He completed his Professional Coach Training through Coaching4TodaysLeaders (2016) with additional advanced coaching training with Coachnet International.  He serves as a Professional Coach & Consultant for the Center for Progressive Renewal.  He also plays having earned his Master of Fool-ology degree from SAK Comedy Lab where he finished his training in Improv Comedy. He founded ENC Improv at the church in October, 2103 and offers free Improv training for the community as part of his call.

In January, 2016, the church launched St. Francis Professional Groom & Pet Training, as part of their new economic model of community ministry. This ministry has far exceeded expectations. in 2017, the church is lauching a new Adult Education ministry that taps into the gifts, graces, passions and skills of members and friends. Our educational offerings are now bottom up rather than top down. We have invited the community to imagine both traditional and out of the box offerings. These courses are proposed, developed and taught by members and friends based upon their interests.  Several being taught will be: 1) How to Read the Bible Again for the First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously by Not Literally by Marcus Borg, 2) Sexual Salvation: An exploration of the Bible and Human Sexuality. This is a 17+ class. No underage children. 3) Mental Health First Aid: Caring for Others. 4) Art & Spirituality 5) Bread Making: A Spiritual Retreat. 6) Self Care for Quality Health & Finding Your Center 7) Tuesday's with Morrie: What are the Morrie's of our lives trying to teach us? 6) Sacred Dance: Let Have Fun and Find God in Movement 8) The list continues to grow.  

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